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Sahiwal Tragedy : State wins, the masses lose the battle

Victory, in the war between the state and the people, always favours the state, the power, the uniform. Sheep is born only to die. See and understand what is the status of 2 million ruled sheep in the country of 2% rulers. If you speak, you will be killed first and if you remain silent, you will be broken heart.

It is the state that can release Raymond Davis with full protocol, it can kill the innocent by daylight in the Model Town and Qadarabad. If you want to avoid the brutality of the state, you should wear the uniform of the imperial day and night, do not remove the black boot even in your bed at night.

And if you are employed in a department  like Dolphin force and your brother is killed, then keep silent as you are wearing the uniform, not your brother. And if you try to speak, your character will be called a suspect and thrown into the jail. You can lose your uniform and justice too.

The last round of the between the state and the people was fought in Sahiwal, who has got rid of the imperial name Montgomery, but his feet are still bleeding under the imperial system.

The sheep does not have a feelings, if the king of the forest tears some sheep in front of the flock, it does not matter to the overall feelings of the flock, the sheep continue to graze the grass.

The world of apathy continued during the time when CTD was shooting at the young mother and her daughter. In a nearby bus someone was filming the massacre, while Indian songs in the bus were reflecting the emotions of the sheep, the masses.

Imran Khan, the chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government whose manifesto’s focus was the justice, travelled to Qatar after the tragedy instead of staying in the country and listen to the grieved family.

The history of the judges in the land of the sheep is as black as the black shoes. Believe it, the judges never disappointed us. Every decision comes in favor of the king of the jungle.

Sheep and goats are advised to be cautious as the CTD killer personnels are back on duty again today. Lest you be attacked in vain.

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