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Islamabad Police arrested protesing teachers at D Chowk

ISLAMABAD (Dawn Updates – Oct 24, 2019- Zohaib Butt) Police conducted a night-raid and arrested the teachers who held a sit-in at D Chowk and locked them in various police stations.

In De Chowk, teachers had held sit-ins in favor of their demands, but overnight the police turned off the street lights and launched an operation against the teachers.

Police also arrested women and children present with teachers in the dark.

Several teachers were injured in the blaze caused by the operation in the dark.

Police have shifted all male teachers to the police secretariat, sources say, adding that the number of teachers transferred to the police station is 40.

Police have shifted women teachers and children to another police station.

The basic community education teachers had been holding sit-ins at D Chowk in favor of the demands for 2 days. Demonstrators say the government has not paid ten months’ salary and has not fulfilled its promises.

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