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Pakistani government plans to spy on every citizen, conspiracy against its own people

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) The government is going to bring a rigorous internet monitoring system to the country and for this purpose the government has entered into a contract with a controversial Canadian company that will provide a system to monitor all internet traffic coming in and out of Pakistan.

The company will provide all monitoring and analysis tools. According to the website, the government’s move has raised serious questions about personal freedom and privacy of citizens in Pakistan, where those who criticize governments already face sanctions.

The government signed a $ 1.5 million deal with a Canadian company on December 12, 2018 that will install a web monitoring system in Pakistan. The system will monitor all communication over the Internet and record traffic and call data using Deep Packet Inspection, based on PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority). Pakistani company Inbox Business Technologies Limited and Pakistan Telecommunications Company are also partners in the deal.

Asad Baig, co-founder of Media Matters for Democracy, said, “I am afraid that the web monitoring system will give the Pakistan Telecom Authority the full monopoly over Pakistan’s Internet and only content on which they will be happy will be available on the Internet. The content they have been regulating in the past is in front of us. With the introduction of this system, the activities of every Internet user will be monitored by the government. Journalists, social workers and political people in particular will be more affected by this. “

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