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Sahiwal: Kashmir painting contests to express solidarity with Kashmiri children

Sahiwal (Sahiwal News – 1st November 2019 – Aqeel Ashfaq) Human rights activists and the champion governments of democracy are obliged to take notice of the atrocities committed on Muslims and innocent Kashmiri Muslims and children, women and the elderly victims of barbarism in Kashmir. UNO should do its duty to save Kashmir from the Indian Army.

The children of Pakistan are with them in the struggle of the Kashmiri people and express their determination that moral, political and diplomatic assistance will be continued for their rights.

ADC General Mohammad Farooq Akmal addressed a ceremony at a local school for Kashmir Day to create paintings for expressing solidarity with Kashmiri children. It was organized by Sahiwal Arts Council.

The ceremony was also attended by Director Arts Council Dr. Syed Riaz Hamdani and School Principal Abdul Rashid. They appreciated the paintings made by the children for solidarity with Kashmiris and said that the children fought for their birthright self-determination. Kashmiri children’s struggle painted beautifully.

ADC General Mohammad Farooq Akmal lauded the role of Sahiwal Arts Council in highlighting the Kashmiris’ struggle for independence in different ways and clarified the importance of Kashmir to Pakistan in the masses and said that all sections of the society were with them in this struggle. Everyone should participate so that global conscience can be aroused.

Children from Class Fourth to O Level took part in painting competition and highlighted the oppression of Kashmiri children through their pictures.

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